Director – Kelley Harkins

She’s been a fan since her brother introduced her to Andre Norton way long ago, and it only got worse with Star Wars and then… Well you know how it goes.   Costuming, Media, etc.  Her first convention was in 1978 in New York City.   She went to, count em’ ONE Dragon Con as a fan and foolishly volunteered for staff for this track in its inaugural year. Now she runs the lunatic asylum. In her mundane life she teaches at Full Sail University, a haven to many a geek in its own right.

Assistant Director  – J.L. Neault

Jennifer “A.J.” Neault has had a love of Sci-Fi since she was a child, watching the “Cheesy” movies played on the Sci-Fi channel with her Dad.  Her love of Sci-Fi has grown as she got older, from everything to Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica and all the, still “Cheesy” movies on the SyFy channel.  Jennifer has been an active staff member of the ASF&F track for 5 years. She decided to join the staff in order to get a more in depth Con experience, learning the why’s and where’s of Con.

Staff :

Stefani Warshaw

Born in NY and grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars and the NASA Space Program.  I’m a geek and a nerd with occasional forays into dork…..and I have the bloodlines to prove it.  Started attending Dragon Con 14 years ago, made some friends, got sucked in by Mon Capitan (Hi Kel!)  and I now have even more fun actually being part of the Con instead of just attending the Con.

Aaron Dunne

Founder member and past president of the Atlanta Science Fiction Society, resident alien Aaron has become a fixture on the local fan scene since his arrival in the colonies two decades ago. Due to his employers totally unreasonable demand that he actually shows up in their office on a semi-regular basis he doesn’t get to read as much SF as he’d like, but as sleep is overrated he does manage to keep up with TV; current faves include Game of Thrones, The Borgia’s, Spartacus, Grimm, Falling Skies, Arrow and Continuum. He really wishes his office was like the one in Suits….

SMAP Palmer

Former secret agent and current Boogie Knight.  Smap has been a part of the fan community for quite some time.  She’s involved in many fandoms, past and present with Supernatural being at the current top of the list. She’s one of the filk group the Boogie Knights, who have performed at cons all over the East Coast.

Jeniffer Coats

Sam Levine

Derek Gravitt

Don Porter