Updates – T minus 23 days

Current updates  

The schedule has been tweaked a little but I am pretty sure there’s at least one more change coming so am kind of waiting before I do all the wonderful table stuff for those pages.

I’ve gotten the Staff updates in for our mostly regular staff members.  We might have some new faces this year too so say Hi!

New guests added!

If you haven’t seen the notices we gotten so awesome new folks!  The amazing Lucy Lawless is finally coming to Dragon Con!  She’ll be on a Spartacus panel, and a BSG one, so keep an eye out for it!   We also welcome back Laura Vandervoort who will join our Smallville contingent this year.   Laura was a really sweet person and I’m sure you all will welcome her back!

Guest page updated

7/21 Updates

Current active guests are now on the Guest page, with links back to the main site for the bios.

Please be sure to check out the current schedule for the track!   And do not hesitate to volunteer to be on a fan panel!  Sure I look for people that have some experience but a passionate interest in the topic is what I look for as well as an understanding that you are willing to be a professional.  Check out the Programming page for all scheduling links and panelist info!

First Schedule Draft and Panelist Forms

7/18 Updates

The first version of the schedule is up, but remember the usual disclaimer!  This in all likelihood will not be the last version of the schedule so be prepared for changes!  Check out the Programming page for that.

Interested in being a panelist?

First check out this information.   Yes, its a lot, and yes, unfortunately we have encountered all the bad stuff in here, so read it before you decide to commit.  I will expect you to be professional! Have fun but be professional.

AMSFFMedia Guidelines for Panelists

Panelist Form