Con Has Come… and Gone

We were here, but now we’re gone.  We’ve left our cosplays to carry on.  For those who knew us, knew us well, and all the rest will see us next year MUWAHAHAHA..

Yep, thats right.  The show’s over, the parties are gone, John Barrowman gave back the motorized scooter (WE HAVE PICTURES…. somewhere?) and now we’re back to our normie lives, hibernating and recuperating until next year.  We had a GREAT time this year and we cant wait to see all you crazy peeps next year.

So, just a quick run down of what our team did this year:

5 days of programming
2 events (Charity gameshow that raised ~$600 in three hours)
45 fan panels
18 guest panels (9 in one day)

There is absolutely no way we could have done this without all of you, all of our amazing Fan and Guest Moderators and the epic team that supports the track.  We can not thank any of you enough for the time, effort, pain and stress you put up with, the constantly changing events and the excitement (not the good kind) of one of our staffers breaking an arm (LOVE YOU BETH, GET BETTER!!!!).

Please be safe wherever you are, we hope you all made it home safe and sound, and we’ve got all the hugs in the world waiting for you when you return next year.  Our Chief Engineer is cooking up a few things, we’re refining the Heroes, Villains and Humanity Game a bit more, and we’re going to be updating the site a LOT more than we have in recent years.  Stay tuned to the Facebook Group and this website for actual REAL exciting stuff coming your way as the year progresses.  Who knows, maybe there might be something to help the Villains retake the crown next year.


Love to all of you!  Except you Derek… you’re just the website minion SO GET TO WORK!!!


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