Panel Calendar 2018 V2 (WIP)

GREETINGS WONDERFUL PEOPLE (and any Extra Terrestrials that might be spying on us.. ya weirdos).

I’m sure we’re all aware that the Big Show is literally just barely three weeks away.  The Director and her slaves… err… minions.. err um, I mean Staff… Yeah, Staff! Thats it!. Anyway, they’ve been working nearly around the clock to get everything prepped for our most favorite time of the year.  So! What do the loonies in the nuthouse have in store for you this year?!?!?!

Only some of the most phantasmagorical fan panels to date.  Just keep in mind that, as we ALL know, things change literally at the last nano-second ’round these here Dragoncon parts so dont take everything you see as gospel… yet.

Time Track Room 1 Room 2 Large Ballroom
8:30 PM Geek TV Singalong! – in Grand East Hilton Geek TV Singalong!
Time Friday
Atlanta the home of the heroes
11:30 AM Arrow – the fall of team Arrow BBT
1:00 PM The Good Place – Secrets Revealed and Life Choices Black Lightning – Out of Retirement
2:30 PM Luke Cage – fan panel OUaT – Retelling the tale to the end
4:00 PM Reverie – Apertus JLA – Bringing the Team together
5:30 PM Those Marvelous Heroes – DP, Dr. S, AM&W, BP Krypton – Black Zero and Zods
7:00 PM Runaways – Birthrights Revealed Punisher – Break the Cycle
8:30 PM Broken Heroes Legion
10:00 PM Sense8
11:30 PM
1:00 AM
Time Saturday
11:30 AM Comics On Screen: Adaptations and Television SF Movies
1:00 PM Expanse – Academic Gotham
2:30 PM Supergirl Lost in Space
4:00 PM Learning the Lang Belta The Gifted – Join the Mutant Resistance!
5:30 PM Killjoys Humans
7:00 PM Future Man Jessica Jones – Mother knows best
8:30 PM Anthologies – Altered Carbon – Peace is an illusion
10:00 PM Mature storylines and the media superhero
11:30 PM
1:00 AM
11:30 PM
Time Sunday
10:00 AM
11:30 AM Diversity and SF
1:00 PM Take two aspirin – SF Medicine
2:30 PM Expanse
4:00 PM Flash – Trying to out think the Thinker
5:30 PM Cloak and Dagger – a divine pairing
7:00 PM Westworld
8:30 PM
10:00 PM
Heroes, Villains and Humanity
1:00 AM
Time Monday
10:00 AM Legends fan panel
11:30 AM Black Panther
1:00 PM The Tick – Destiny speaks to us
2:30 PM Dust in the Wind – the MCU – avengers

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