First draft of the schedule and panelist application


Days are counting down to con! There are lots of fantastically fun things to do at the convention and we hope you’ll come by our track and join in on some of our fan panels. Be aware that there is no guarantee that this schedule will stand exactly as this is written. Guest panels are still getting settled.

Here is the first schedule.

Now I’d like to invite anyone who would like to apply to be on a fan panel. We like to encourage people to explore new things at the convention.  It does not take any special skills to be on a panel, just a passion for the subject. Please read the AMSFFMedia Guidelines for Panelists for being a panelist.  We expect you to respect the moderator, your fellow panelists and the audience.

You are welcome to apply to any panel but please understand that there is no guarantee that you will get on any specific panels.  Many other people might also want to be on those same panels. I try to balance out panelists. I am looking for some diversity on some panels, so please let me know if you have some knowledge or experience, please note it on your application.

Fan panelist application

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