Brand new year! Updates

Hey everyone!  It’s February and we had our first full Dragoncon meeting!  The Powers that Be broke down the show list and we now who will be covering what.  Remember there are changes! As far as our material goes, Game of Thrones will get more attention (though we will be very sad to see it go) on the new High Fantasy Track that will encompass all things epic scale and questlike.  This new track will have Tolkien, Game of Thrones, Shannara, and Narnia.  Be sure to check it out! Let the director know if you have any thoughts on things to do or cover.

We also lost Outlander to the Alternative History Track.  Since there are the strong time travel elements and its a stand along piece, many of the time travel shows are moving to that track.  I’m sure HG Wells will rest easy now that time travel is such a fixture on the modern media landscape.

So with no further ado, here’s the show list. Bear in mind that there are shows on this list that might not have any panels or we will address them in a group panel.

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