Thank you for a great year!

T+6 days

Now that con is over, I’m not sure how many will wander this way but I want to thank everyone who came out to the track and saw our wonderful guests and fan panels.   We had some great responses to pretty much everything!

From feedback, it sounds like everyone enjoyed both the Drive In Heckle-athon with Super Shark (literally and on screen!) and the Gameshow of Thrones.  Many of our panels were packed, which says a lot about you all!  I’m always open to your suggestions!   I have already decided that if we have the same room next year to re-orient the entire thing to be lengthwise.   We might still have some sound issues but hopefully it will be less.

Please if you have pictures of guest panels or fan panels that were a part of the track, please send them to me!  I want to set up a Gallery page here for us all to share!

While I can’t do much other than ask for specific guests, I can do something about programming for the track itself.  Please feel free to write me with any suggestions!

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