American Science Fiction And Fantasy Media

Dragon Con

American SF and Fantasy Media is a fantrack you should never miss at Dragon Con!  We cover a multitude of shows; from your old favorites to some of the hottest shows out there today.

We’ll have some old friends in the shape of our guests and a whole lot of new ones!  There will be guests from Once Upon a Time, BSG, and Arrow!

The Gameshow of Thrones returns on Sunday night with the Storm of Silliness! Be prepared for more fun and all new games based on the past season of the show.  Your teams of four will be competing for the title and booty!  There will be panels on Race in SF/Fantasy Media, and many of your favorite shows will be discussed from Under the Dome, to Arrow, and many others! Look a the NEWS page for the current schedule.  Remember it will change before the con as we get more guests or things shift.   If you are new to the web series world then you are missing out on some really great stuff.  Did we mention movies?  Our movie programming this year will include discussing some of the year’s biggest movies and their impact on you and the box office.